Navigating Cosmic Showers

The ultimate astrology question, "How to work through Mercury Retrograde" ? 

This particular day the question was asked by my sweet cousin in her mid 20's. As I reflect now, my answer was so basic of daily grounding and rituals for connecting to source & our divinity. Being in the state of pure love with all thoughts and visions for ourselves is powerful within itself. Bringing this feeling to all your day is a game changer. Consciously keeping a consistent practice to maintain a foundation with Source Creation. As we continuously Align with the Divine, we shine brighter as a spiritual activist behind the scenes. We are here to make some difference. This may not be for you and that's Life, finding our light & getting into our souls evolutionary flow. When you are living it, you can't help but shine.

Light to ya'll~

May the peace be with you always~   

Vala Dawn 



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Daily Intentions, Holding space. Soul Purpose.

The magnitude at which life's flow of energy is aligned with your life's work is effected by how you hold space for it, setting intentions. To take it to the next level of manifestation, when we attune daily to the feelings of joy in already having received the intent. This may look like engaging consciously throughout the day with awareness of what we feed to the unconscious mind. Live it, be it, do it,share it and tap into source creation energy. 

Being in gratitude & acceptance of these new changes in advance by evoking what makes you feel good. You will begin to resonate deeper with your soul purpose & follow Universal Will. Using the imagination as your master creator tool is a game changer. As my teacher, Gary Strauss repeats: "Follow what feels good & being a resonator with yourself & dreams."  

What if you are not currently aware of what is your joy & life purpose? 

What works for me is taking time for inquiring within. How do I want my life to change? Where do I want my life to go?  Consistency with daily inquiry and time to listen is key. Another step for clarity is creating custom affirmations to recite upon waking up and just before bed. These may be a stretch for a while until saying them becomes more real, your're breaking old belief systems. 

"Every day I practice being more open and more connected to my soul's purpose". 

"I am open to more spontaneous & random moments where I express  & align more with my true nature and who I am ".


Now more than ever is the time to find "your way" to navigate in the 21st Century.  Releasing our limiting beliefs to make room for these changes times of healing. Finding daily practices that guide you, live them and enjoy it!

Mothering Yourself

Knowing the core to one's patterns of wounds from childhood is so valuable. These are so not for holding on and blaming and being right about how hurt you were but for how you can see them for their self-development potential. Did you now see them for lesson of strength and courage? The victim gets to be empowered and full of self-esteem for example. This "mothering" of myself has been my whole life's theme. Where others feel anxious for my life choices, etc. comes from the instinct to mother. I have been triggered many times and get to the conclusion that had I been taking better care of myself, others would not feel the need to step in and offer their help. In Astrology I have a signature (planets when I was born that have moved to positions that effect other planets that will encourage me to change, or be changed in a forceful way otherwise. The potential to mother myself comes in the form of real situations where I can choose or others around will be drawn to show me. In these cases they may not look so lovely. Asking question like, am I providing myself with things that make me feel worthwhile and safe? If not, what or how could I be to fulfill this essential need? For me this involves containing my own feelings and respecting the boundaries of others, their limits, etc.  When we choose on our own free will, this is natural, and takes courage. This is in harmony with all that is, going with the path of least resistance. In the flow. I now release any expectations about how my mother "should have" mothered me. It's time all of us becomes more self-reliant, as our Mother Earth is in her own rebirthing process. Are we ready? Love and Light


Explore, Regenerate & Play

Dive deeper withing yourself to a new world of wellness, fresh potential gifts. What a blossoming in an age of natural healing: Alternative and Complimentary Health & "Self-Care is the New Health Care" Discover Even more authenticity with your higher self. Gather All of You, that Fullness of ALL that you are! Take full responsibility for your health with preventative natural medicines. Unfold a whole new true you in 2017. "The Age of Wellness Women." Time to step up and be that role model to our young and impressionable. Stand stronger than ever to poster up empowered young people. It's not just personal responsibility, the Big Picture is being shown to the world, especially from US peoples. 

 Through EFT, Toning & Polarity Play tm. Kundalini Breath work, Mandalas customized and 'Hypnossage"  get more plugged deeper into the health and vitality of you and your entire families systems.Get free and live beyond family systems!  

In joyful acts of pure love and where vulnerability is at it's highest, the inner child may come to play. Allowing revisitations. Bringing light to old wounded areas of the heart walls in order to reconcile, rejuvenate and recreate!

From Play comes Holistic Living.  Free Energy Lifestyle. The Human Energy System. Having the Fullness Practice (Polarity Yoga)  What if this is your next step to stepping into the fullness of all you are.. In your own way and time.  Take your time. It's Your Journey!

Are you ready to be guided along this uncharted territory? Are you ready for what is unknown and possibly uncomfortable?  Time for a Leap of Action? Contact me for a free consultation/evaluation of Healing Arts Protocols/Lifestyle Shift for you today! I am so excited to be here for this most epic time in your life, These are the times we have all been waiting for deep down subconsciously. At least these are the times of forced change.  Change never comes so easily. Be prepared. Reach Out for Assistance.

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When You Just Don't Feel It

Happy New Moon In Aries~ 

Being in the flow

Having the Conversations with Life lately and feeling quite satisfied, even in midst of some temporary depression. These days or temporary experiences that become the provocative meta moments of my life. The more juicy scenes are more and resurrected. Now, in this moment for example, I was depressed and feeling stuck. I made that a conversation, said it outloud and that it was ok. And so it is. Life's little lessons can be more like discoveries of love~ where the lovelessness had set in and you get to retrieve it. Soul sleuth.  My time on here is over for this moment as I glide to the next scene of this miraculous day. Living in the moment doesn't prefer that I spend a lot of time online. (nutritional symptoms seem to heighten while being influenced by emf's.) It is planting day today!!  After a few clients there will be time for some self-care~


Love & Light

Vala Dawn 

The Vortex Human

Do we navigate life with the awareness that our lens get to be cleansed every breath we take? We are in destabilization times that are rearranging our neural pathways to come to a new order. This requires a new way of thinking, feeling, eating, cleansing and more. A new paradigm is being birthed. The death of the old is here as we are "what's next".

This alignment is set to synchronize the entire energy body which is being recalibrated to a higher frequency. We are now being guided to cultivate &  live from the sacred still point. In physics, this is the zero point. Once this still point is established, it can be shared and used as an anchor for holding sacred space. This is where community healing really begins to be lifted to form to accelerate our collective shifts in healing.

 Once we begin to live more consistently from this center, more energy is generated. This lends to creating more with less effort. A light hand is a strong force~ Doesn't this sound more appealing than overworking and then being challenged while up against some resistance. Our natural flow, is to live from this vortex period. So get to breathing, visualizing with the power of your highest potential, your imagination.  This is where we create our reality vs. being the result of our outside world. Amongst other spiritual practices, we are beings of light, the light is our guide. Because of this light, there is no-thing or no one that we are afraid of. We are a pure and clear channel of light. Time to work hard at the play needed to rearrange so that we be able to see the light of all that we are and embody this divinity. ~

Blessings to the past as we let go. Blessings to the future.

 And so it is. Aloha!

Vala Dawn

Vala Wellness

Awareness Allows Change

This is an invitation to explore, play and regenerate from the Inside out, a model for natural health and well-being. Through my experience thus far, breathing exercises, toning, tapping and connecting to my inner wisdom I am able to step aside before taking actions. Leaving the personal filters behind is one of my main focuses when ontrack for powerful wellness days! By being on track I mean intentions set in place for the days balanced activities. 

Did you have a special moment today?  Did you have a sad moment today? For me they are all "holy" moments. I invite you to ask  yourself what was good today and reflect on any emotions that may have come up or any accomplishments that were achieved. Getting up out of bed may be at the top of your list and this is perfect. These subtle experiences may not seem too spectacular however, as one reflects, and the day unfolds  further alignments may be told. Those events that may seem to be coincidences turn out to be the beginnings of the bigger picture. Example: Meeting new friends that lead to a walk that brings you to see a new perspective on your current state of concern.

"Regenerating from the old thoughts and visions to this "nowment". 

Ring out the old, Ring in the new!! The main feeling that keeps coming back is that everything is alright. Life's spring board just bounces to it's new vibrational match increasing the wellness. I call this a holy moment of divine love. As long as this remembrance is being witnessed, any future desire to inquire for more depth of clarity is a reality. For me, being the witness to life brings clarity and an an opening. Just by seeing where one's emotional state is in every moment gives rise to change! Whole-Body Wellness is one way to take full responsibility for our health and well-being. Awareness Allows Change! 

For any more questions or to book a session that will further your insight, process old patterns and or integrate new understandings contact:           347.576.0063