When You Just Don't Feel It

Happy New Moon In Aries~ 

Being in the flow

Having the Conversations with Life lately and feeling quite satisfied, even in midst of some temporary depression. These days or temporary experiences that become the provocative meta moments of my life. The more juicy scenes are more and resurrected. Now, in this moment for example, I was depressed and feeling stuck. I made that a conversation, said it outloud and that it was ok. And so it is. Life's little lessons can be more like discoveries of love~ where the lovelessness had set in and you get to retrieve it. Soul sleuth.  My time on here is over for this moment as I glide to the next scene of this miraculous day. Living in the moment doesn't prefer that I spend a lot of time online. (nutritional symptoms seem to heighten while being influenced by emf's.) It is planting day today!!  After a few clients there will be time for some self-care~


Love & Light

Vala Dawn