The Vortex Human

Do we navigate life with the awareness that our lens get to be cleansed every breath we take? We are in destabilization times that are rearranging our neural pathways to come to a new order. This requires a new way of thinking, feeling, eating, cleansing and more. A new paradigm is being birthed. The death of the old is here as we are "what's next".

This alignment is set to synchronize the entire energy body which is being recalibrated to a higher frequency. We are now being guided to cultivate &  live from the sacred still point. In physics, this is the zero point. Once this still point is established, it can be shared and used as an anchor for holding sacred space. This is where community healing really begins to be lifted to form to accelerate our collective shifts in healing.

 Once we begin to live more consistently from this center, more energy is generated. This lends to creating more with less effort. A light hand is a strong force~ Doesn't this sound more appealing than overworking and then being challenged while up against some resistance. Our natural flow, is to live from this vortex period. So get to breathing, visualizing with the power of your highest potential, your imagination.  This is where we create our reality vs. being the result of our outside world. Amongst other spiritual practices, we are beings of light, the light is our guide. Because of this light, there is no-thing or no one that we are afraid of. We are a pure and clear channel of light. Time to work hard at the play needed to rearrange so that we be able to see the light of all that we are and embody this divinity. ~

Blessings to the past as we let go. Blessings to the future.

 And so it is. Aloha!

Vala Dawn