Mothering Yourself

Knowing the core to one's patterns of wounds from childhood is so valuable. These are so not for holding on and blaming and being right about how hurt you were but for how you can see them for their self-development potential. Did you now see them for lesson of strength and courage? The victim gets to be empowered and full of self-esteem for example. This "mothering" of myself has been my whole life's theme. Where others feel anxious for my life choices, etc. comes from the instinct to mother. I have been triggered many times and get to the conclusion that had I been taking better care of myself, others would not feel the need to step in and offer their help. In Astrology I have a signature (planets when I was born that have moved to positions that effect other planets that will encourage me to change, or be changed in a forceful way otherwise. The potential to mother myself comes in the form of real situations where I can choose or others around will be drawn to show me. In these cases they may not look so lovely. Asking question like, am I providing myself with things that make me feel worthwhile and safe? If not, what or how could I be to fulfill this essential need? For me this involves containing my own feelings and respecting the boundaries of others, their limits, etc.  When we choose on our own free will, this is natural, and takes courage. This is in harmony with all that is, going with the path of least resistance. In the flow. I now release any expectations about how my mother "should have" mothered me. It's time all of us becomes more self-reliant, as our Mother Earth is in her own rebirthing process. Are we ready? Love and Light