Navigating Cosmic Showers

The ultimate astrology question, "How to work through Mercury Retrograde" ? 

This particular day the question was asked by my sweet cousin in her mid 20's. As I reflect now, my answer was so basic of daily grounding and rituals for connecting to source & our divinity. Being in the state of pure love with all thoughts and visions for ourselves is powerful within itself. Bringing this feeling to all your day is a game changer. Consciously keeping a consistent practice to maintain a foundation with Source Creation. As we continuously Align with the Divine, we shine brighter as a spiritual activist behind the scenes. We are here to make some difference. This may not be for you and that's Life, finding our light & getting into our souls evolutionary flow. When you are living it, you can't help but shine.

Light to ya'll~

May the peace be with you always~   

Vala Dawn 



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