Daily Intentions, Holding space. Soul Purpose.

The magnitude at which life's flow of energy is aligned with your life's work is effected by how you hold space for it, setting intentions. To take it to the next level of manifestation, when we attune daily to the feelings of joy in already having received the intent. This may look like engaging consciously throughout the day with awareness of what we feed to the unconscious mind. Live it, be it, do it,share it and tap into source creation energy. 

Being in gratitude & acceptance of these new changes in advance by evoking what makes you feel good. You will begin to resonate deeper with your soul purpose & follow Universal Will. Using the imagination as your master creator tool is a game changer. As my teacher, Gary Strauss repeats: "Follow what feels good & being a resonator with yourself & dreams."  

What if you are not currently aware of what is your joy & life purpose? 

What works for me is taking time for inquiring within. How do I want my life to change? Where do I want my life to go?  Consistency with daily inquiry and time to listen is key. Another step for clarity is creating custom affirmations to recite upon waking up and just before bed. These may be a stretch for a while until saying them becomes more real, your're breaking old belief systems. 

"Every day I practice being more open and more connected to my soul's purpose". 

"I am open to more spontaneous & random moments where I express  & align more with my true nature and who I am ".


Now more than ever is the time to find "your way" to navigate in the 21st Century.  Releasing our limiting beliefs to make room for these changes times of healing. Finding daily practices that guide you, live them and enjoy it!