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Awareness Allows Change

This is an invitation to explore, play and regenerate from the Inside out, a model for natural health and well-being. Through my experience thus far, breathing exercises, toning, tapping and connecting to my inner wisdom I am able to step aside before taking actions. Leaving the personal filters behind is one of my main focuses when ontrack for powerful wellness days! By being on track I mean intentions set in place for the days balanced activities. 

Did you have a special moment today?  Did you have a sad moment today? For me they are all "holy" moments. I invite you to ask  yourself what was good today and reflect on any emotions that may have come up or any accomplishments that were achieved. Getting up out of bed may be at the top of your list and this is perfect. These subtle experiences may not seem too spectacular however, as one reflects, and the day unfolds  further alignments may be told. Those events that may seem to be coincidences turn out to be the beginnings of the bigger picture. Example: Meeting new friends that lead to a walk that brings you to see a new perspective on your current state of concern.

"Regenerating from the old thoughts and visions to this "nowment". 

Ring out the old, Ring in the new!! The main feeling that keeps coming back is that everything is alright. Life's spring board just bounces to it's new vibrational match increasing the wellness. I call this a holy moment of divine love. As long as this remembrance is being witnessed, any future desire to inquire for more depth of clarity is a reality. For me, being the witness to life brings clarity and an an opening. Just by seeing where one's emotional state is in every moment gives rise to change! Whole-Body Wellness is one way to take full responsibility for our health and well-being. Awareness Allows Change! 

For any more questions or to book a session that will further your insight, process old patterns and or integrate new understandings contact:          Valadawn@gmail.com           347.576.0063