Polarity TherapY/Guide

A comprehensive bodywork modality incorporating diet, exercise and light touch. This synthesis of many wisdoms mainly influenced by the East is primarily based on the principles of physics. Based on the law that everything is energy is a  constant. Human being are in between the negative and positive poles of earth and sky therefore effecting us when not in alignment. Polarity works with all the bodies systems energetically from chakras to the nervous system.

CranioSacral Unwinding

The subtle energies of the cranial wave connected between the cranium and sacrum allow for the balancing of the whole body.  Gently reorganizing and restoring the body balance with the lightest of touch. From head injuries, hormone out of balances and muscle pain this modality can go deep into some of the oldest patterns of the psyche to heal the concerning issues. 

Sound Healing

Biosonic tuners work with frequency and the body.  Thoughts as well sounds can penetrate deep into the subconscious mind. Sound Healing on a vibratory level has the potential to shake loose old thought patterns. Great for addictions, negative emotions, stress and more. This is a way of creating a new brain entrainment for assisting in change.  Brainwave entrainment, repatterning, energetic bioremediation & activation of chakras and entire merkabah.  Upload your new Human OS and witness the unfolding of who you came here to be. You are love itself. This time is perfect.

Vibrational Therapy

Essential Oils    Flower & Crystal Essence   Herbal formulas   Homeopathy     Zero Point Energy     Green Shakes    Brain waves

As used by ancient medicine women/men, this treatment is subtle yet powerful in it’s own rite. Cleansing, calming and restorative. We only use certified therapeutic oils. Customized blends or get a kit for first aid, stress, loosing weight, anxiety, hormonal and more. All blends are made biodynamically. Discover your wilderness aroma and more. A full dose of nature brings balance. Bring that nature into your life with a custom made aromatherapy hydrosol, roll-on or body-butter.       

Crystal Therapy & Space Clearing

Using the body as a map to place crystals in a pattern to redirect stagnant energy. This is ultimately clearing and enhancing vital life force energy, initiating new paths and grounding. This is a great way to manifest more of one's unlimited potential using the synergy of the stones properties with the electromagnetic field of the body. I use Angel Tuners designed by Dr. John Beaulieu along with Universal multi-disciplinary practices and intuition.   

Intuitive Readings & The Bars (Access Consciousness)

Intuitive Readings using tools such as Numerology, Evolutionary Astrology (EA), Based on the work of Geoffrey Wolf Green (EA) and Demetre George's Asteroid Goddess Ancient Teachings. Also I use various Oracle Decks as The Angel Cards, WACK Pack, Frequency Deck by Teal Swan. . In working with asteroid we add a depth to the human myth. This is excellent in discovering hidden intentions of the soul in order to evolve. Sand Tray work using Burt Hellinger Energy work synthesized intuitively as a way to work with the Universal Knowing Field. A great way to get underneath what is happening. Atoning for the lovelessness allow the lovefullness to all it's holiness. The bars is a light touch to particular sections of the head in any given time. Very subtle and yet deep and relaxing. Very cathartic with gentleness and in your own time.

Yoga Therapy

One-on-one or in small groups of 10 or less is my specialty. Cozy and intimate.  I also share what I call "Slowga" as gentle flow with the attitude muscle strengthening mindful meditation. Monday night specials & Community Yoga. 

Astro-dance~flowga~ During all cyclical Cosmic Celebrations!! Eclipse Season, Full/New Moon, etc.

Vesta's  Vedic dietary guidance includes cleansing & ancient Ayurvedic facial with 5000 year old Kansa Wand for beauty.


Releasing Family History

A set of rituals done in groups or individually. This psycho-spiritual approach to resolutions within the soul of a family system was founded by Bert Hellinger. (Family Constellations). The intention is to restore the love of the family system, This is done in the discovering of where there were wounds such as incest, abandonment, financial failure, parental and social injustices, relationships and more. This is a soul and heart connection not to be confused with a mind-body practice.